We distribute Canadian grown patented-processed hemp for

CBD extraction, within the United States

…to States that are approved to extract CBD

Natural Hemp.

…is ideal for absorbing and retaining liquids, including oil. Our hemp products include specially processed pellets, flour, powder and crumble that excel as cat litter, livestock bedding, garden mulch, absorbent pillows, edible products, and more.




Our Customers Love Our Hemp.


Scientifically Tested

Our THC-free and toxin-free products are tested and validated in an accredited lab, to ensure our product’s authenticity and accuracy.

High in CBD

Our products contain a high level of natural pure CBD for extraction, and are 0% THC, non- psychoactive, no side effects, and naturally decarboxylated.


Exclusive Distribution

We have exclusive rights to distribute hemp biomass products from Canada in the USA.

Industry Leaders

We work with Canadian farmers who have been leaders in hemp cultivation and production since industrial hemp was legalized.

Zero Waste Products

We work with a environmentally-friendly processing plant,  and produce super-absorbent hemp pellets and patented hemp crumble out of what used to be waste.

Food Grade

Our Hemp is certified as Food-Grade and is edible and safe for consumption.

We Source Extraction.

Bulk Hemp Guaranteed Pricing & Supply

Växa Global offers purchases of hemp in bulk, with guaranteed pricing and guaranteed supply, to our customers and affiliates.*

Canadian Grown Hemp

Växa Global supplies High Grade Industrial Hemp plants cultivated in Canada, that are organically bred, non-GMO, Solvent and THC Free.

High Standard Process

Växa Global creates affiliate relationships with companies that use high standard extraction processes.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Växa Global affiliates also offer refinement of extractions in various concentrations up to 99% pharmaceutical grade CBD.

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